Demolition Case Studies

On this page you will find a few Demolition Case Studies of the projects that we have tackled over the past few years. Feel free to contact us if you need any more information regarding Demolition Case Studies.

Demolition Case Studies – Luscombe House

Read about the Luscombe House Demolition on the Daily Mail Web Site

South Coast Demolition Services - Luscombe HouseThis was a complete demolition project for an established building contractor in Poole, close to Sandbanks. The original worth of the house was approximately 4 Million pounds and was sat on 3.5 acres of land, it also boasted a large indoor swimming pool within the house.
In order to complete the demolition project we sent in a team to internally strip the house back to the original shell, and remove the roof. We reclaimed the roof tiles and timber joists. All other waste was separated and disposed of into separate skips which were removed to the correct landfill. Because of the size of the property we chose to send in our 30 tonne excavator as it has a higher boom and makes light work of these types of projects.

We completed this project within 3 weeks.

Christchurch Road

Read about Christchurch Road Demolition in the Bournemouth Echo

South Coast Demolitiuon Services - Christchurch RoadThis was a large complex project within the busy seaside town of Bournemouth. It consisted of two buildings side by side, one of which was 6 storeys high the other was 12 storeys high. The 6 Storey building was completely demolished. However the 12 storey building was internally stripped out back to the steel frame to enable the developers to redesign the building for student accommodation.

This Project took 20 weeks to complete due to the intensity of the works.

Boscombe Cinema

Read about the Boscombe CinemaCArlton Cinema Boscombe - South Coast Demolition Services Demolition here

This was one of the largest buildings in the area, it stood 148ft high and was originally built as a theatre, this was built in the early 20th century. After this was built houses were then built around the building only 3 meters away. We had to hire in the largest articulated boom in the UK in order to demolish, because of the close proximity of the residential dwellings most of the demolition had to be done by hand. It was one of the largest demolition projects in the Bournemouth area ever undertaken.

This project took 16 weeks to complete.

Bath Road

We originally quoted to demolish a large church in the heart of Bournemouth which was built and used for the home guard during the second world war. We reclaimed the roof tiles off the roof and the bricks as it was an old building. We were then instructed by the client to do a bulk excavation which then followed by the enabling works i.e: post and rail piling.

Which kept our ground works operatives busy for many weeks.